There are many lawyers and consultants and who provide Canadian Immigration law assistance.

We think that should you require assistance with your Canadian Immigration or Citizenship law needs you should use the services of a qualified and licensed lawyer. Lawyers in Canada need a minimum level of education (usually seven years of university), must pass a licensing process (which requires a period of practical training), must maintain minimum levels of insurance and are subject to a strict complaints and discipline process by their respective law societies. Zool Suleman is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and carries minimum liability insurance in excess of $1 million. You can verify our membership at their website.

There are five reasons why you may wish to consider hiring our law firm:

1. Comfort

Our clients come from all parts of society. Many of our clients are well-educated professionals and businesspersons. They manage large work forces and funds but when it comes to the best interests of their Canadian immigration law needs, they do not want to do it by themselves. They want the comfort of an experienced and knowledgeable law firm assisting them with the process. Canadian immigration law can be quite complex at times, especially as new laws are created and implemented. It is important to know what your legal rights are and the correct process to follow in achieving your immigration goal. We provide the comfort you need. Think of Suleman & Co. as your private ‘immigration department’ – advising and helping you every step of the way to Canada.

2. Special Issues

Sometimes past criminal convictions, medical problems, security issues, missing records, past failed applications, misstatements and other sensitive topics can create ‘special issues’ regarding your admissibility to Canada as a permanent immigrant, visitor, worker, or student. If one or more of these ‘special issues’ affects your case, you most likely need the services of trained and qualified lawyers at Suleman & Co.

3. A Shortage of Time

Time is always a valuable commodity. Many of our clients are simply too busy to initiate and follow through with their own immigration applications. At Suleman & Co. we provide the necessary commitment of time to your immigration needs so you can spend your time on other matters.

4. Navigating the Bureaucracy

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the Canada Border Services (CBSA) and other government agencies and courts can be complex bureaucracies to navigate. In addition to having ‘visa posts’ around the world, immigration delivery networks across Canada and implementing the Government of Canada’s immigration policies, the government of Canada continues to engage in significant changes as it implements new immigration, refugee and citizenship laws. In this maze of decision-makers and shifting policy approaches, it is important to have a navigator who makes sure that you reach your destination – the issuance of a visa of your choice. While CIC has an excellent and informative website it is often difficult to make meaning of the information provided. We understand what CIC means and can interpret it for you and in your best interests.

5. Multicultural Sensitivity

Immigration law is one of the most ‘multicultural’ areas of law practice in Canada. It requires sensitivity to the cultures, languages, customs and traditions of peoples from around the world. With access to multi-lingual staff and our past experience in assisting immigrants from all over the world, we pride ourselves on our firms ‘multicultural sensitivity’. Whatever your linguistic and cultural needs, we believe that we can rise to the challenge.

We would be happy to assist you. Book a consultation with us today!