More than filling out forms

At Suleman & Co., we assist immigrants who wish to make Canada their home. The process of immigration involves many steps and issues. We assist our clients at every stage of the process.

After all, we believe that immigration is more than just filling forms. It is a significant life decision and one, which requires full consideration.

We start by assessing your needs

Which is the best immigration category for you? How quickly do you need/want to have your visa approved? Are there any medical, security or criminality problems, which may make you inadmissible to Canada or delay the processing of your application? If you have a spouse and/or children, are they accompanying you and what are their needs? Are you bringing significant funds to Canada to establish a business? Will you be staying outside Canada for significant periods of time? After reviewing your needs we will establish an application processing plan for you.

Implementing the plan

In our plan we work with you to gather the required documents and information so as to present your application in the best possible light. Sometimes this means gathering references, acquiring financial statements, having copies notarized for authenticity. Whatever the need, we work with you to prepare your application for submission.

Monitoring the progress of your application

Once your application is submitted we keep track of the processing of your application. From reminders to the government agency processing your application, to making additional submissions, to updating forms, to preparing you for your interview (if any), we monitor who, how and when your application is being processed.

Post-decision assistance

Once a decision is made about your application, we assist you with any issues, which arise after your arrival in Canada. While our law practice is limited to Canada Immigration and Citizenship law matters, we have a network of experienced professionals who can assist you with your banking, accounting, business law, real estate and other settlement needs. If your application is not successful, we assess the reasons for denial and provide alternatives which can include filing an appeal, making additional submissions to the decision maker involved or applying again (perhaps under a different category). As a full service immigration law firm, we have the benefit of not only assisting you with applications but also with any litigation needs that may arise.

Suleman and Company, Immigration Lawyers in Vancouver, BC, would be pleased to assist you with your immigration matter. Book a consultation today!