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Going to court

As a 'full service' Canadian immigration law firm, we can assist you with all of your immigration appeal needs whenever your application is denied or if you are facing removal from Canada. Canadian immigration and citizenship laws are structured in such a manner as to often provide opportunities for appeals and for judicial reviews of the decisions made by immigration officers and others within the immigration bureaucracy.

At Suleman & Co., we have represented clients successfully at all levels of immigration tribunals. Below we have listed a sample of some of our reported’ cases from a variety of immigration law areas.

Refugee Law

In Hernandez v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, we successfully secured a ‘stay’ order from the Federal Court of Canada, on an emergency basis, to stop the deportation of a family to Honduras. This family was subsequently able to make a new application for humanitarian and compassionate consideration from within Canada.

Business Immigration

In Yazdanian v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the main issue was the definition of ‘entrepreneur’ as contained in the former Immigration Act. Through the presentation of evidence and close cross-examination of the immigration officer who made the negative decision, we were able to win our client’s case on the basis that he could provide the active management required and that ‘western’ business experience should not be the governing factor in assessing experience.

Constitutional Law/Aboriginal/First Nations Rights

In Watt v. Leibelt, our firm asserted the Constitutional rights of a trans-border First Nations person whose people’s traditional territory lay on either side of the Canada/USA border. This complex piece of litigation was in process for 13 years and proceeded through three levels of immigration/Federal Court.

Danger Opinion/Criminality

In Alyea v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, we argued on behalf of our client that the ‘danger opinion’ issued against him for his criminal conduct had not properly considered all the evidence presented to the decision maker.

Family Sponsorship/Adoption

In Minister of Citizenship and Immigration v. Khosa, we defended our client’s interests in sponsoring his adopted son against an appeal filed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

Other cases of note:

Keymanesh v. Minister of Citizenship and Immigration – fairness of notice given to client before denying application from inside Canada for humanitarian and compassionate consideration.

Minister for Public Safety v. Welch and Romero – rights of detained persons to be released

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