Permanent Resident Appeals (IAD)

Losing your permanent resident status can be a big problem.

Canada’s residency requirements are complex and often do not respond to the problems you have faced in your life which have made it difficult for you to stay in Canada. When faced with any residency issue, we can assist by: (1)  working with you to figure out the problem, (2) deciding if an appeal needs to be filed (to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IAD), (3) preparing for the appeal and (4) dealing with issues related to your ability to enter and exit Canada during this period of time.

If possible, we aim for timely resolution of the appeal by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) so that you can have the comfort of knowing your final residency status as fast as possible.

Each residency case is personal and unique. We have dealt with a variety of difficult and complex cases in our practice over the past 25+ years. Vancouver Immigration Lawyer, Zool Suleman, can assist you.


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