File Reviews & Consultations

Often when things go wrong, after you have started your own application process. You have been denied or you application is in trouble and we get contacted.

Let us help you make sense of Canadian Immigration Law forms and services. We normally recommend a File Review for a set fee.

Depending on the time frames, we can seek a copy of your “immigration file” or your “refugee file” or your “enforcement file” by filing an Access to Information or a Privacy Act request. Once we receive a copy of “your file”, we can then talk to you and assess what has gone wrong, or why there is a delay in processing, or what is the problem. Sometimes if you have the full contents of your file, we can review the copies you have. After the review, we can provide advice on “next steps” to follow and how to try to “fix” the problem.

Paid consultations are another service which we offer. We set aside time to talk to you about your immigration needs. Why Should I Pay For A Consultation explains how we can help.


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