Immigration help NOW

Immigration help NOW

You really gave us peace of mind that everything is on the right track. - S.P.

Zool Suleman

Zool Suleman can provide immigration services and consultations in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, White Rock, Delta, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Prince George, and other parts of British Columbia and Canada.

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Zool Suleman - Canadian Immigration Lawyer

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Client Comments

  • Zool is thorough with his work, professional in his approach and will always tell you the reality of the situation.

    - A. N. Kassam

  • It was obvious to me that Mr. Zool Suleman was a professional lawyer who was highly experienced and knowledgeable in his field.

    - Larry Kempinski

  • He spent a good while calming me down and made some great recommendations on who I can reach out to for help.

    - Nishanth Ch

  • He boosted my confidence in my ability to handle the process independently and also responded very promptly to all communication.

    - Katherine Haworth

  • I really just want to say from the bottom of my heart that I appreciate your time. You were incredibly informative and kind and that means all the difference.

    - DNG (October 15, 2020)

  • Again, we appreciate your patience and thoughtful advice. Regards, S and A
  • Zool Suleman has been generous and gracious with his clear advice. He explains our options in plain, direct language, and he's candid. D.J. (November 2019)
  • He was amazing and quite beautiful and made it work. J.S. (September 5, 2019)
  • You got straight to the point, with clear, extremely knowledgeable advice that I know to be trustworthy. A.
  • Dear Zool! Thank you so much for playing a crucial role in getting our permanent resident-ship. With your guidance, hard work & expertise, it was easy & stress free to go through the whole process. Not to mention great luck we all have with timing & weird logistics of the documents! Thank you for helping us, for answering our endless questions, for being patient & optimistic. At the end it is about love & connection. You helped our family to be together and it is priceless!!! - Elen… and Lawr….
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to you for everything you are doing to help us. This has been a very trying time for both of us – so strange amidst all of the other joys and gifts our life together brings us! While the "system" continues to feel unjust and so lacking in human feeling, there are people who have stood out like shining stars – acting with the most admirable kindness, compassion and integrity. You are one of those people… Thank you, Zool - Jamie
  • Dear Zool, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you and your law firm with helping me with my citizenship case. Your promptness and attention to detail is greatly respected and is positively reflected in the outcome of my case. Even though I have been your client for a little over two months now I want to say that your attitude and treatment towards me is very hospitable and comforting. Your straightforward in your legal advice and provide no false hope, and as you client I want to thank you for your honesty. I look forward to working with you and your firm in the future. With many thanks. - NQ
  • Hello Mr Suleman, It's been a long time since we have spoke together. I have a great news to share with you. I was finally granted landed immigrant yesterday. I can't believe it finally happened. I just want to say my deep appreciation for all your help and everything you have done for me. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you in my very long journey. I hope we could meet again and best wishes for you. A.K. (July 2018)
  • Thanks once again Zool. XXX is a person of great personal character and I care about him deeply, so my appreciation is very sincere. Your advice was very valuable and will make a positive difference to him and his family. With all the lawyer jokes that one hears it is important to note that there are some very fine members of your profession who make an enormous difference to the people whom they serve. I have been privileged to know a few councillors of such stature personally and I feel like I have just met one more. D.L.
  • Thanks for your honest assessment and straightforward answers. It will help us a lot in evaluating our immigration options. I truly appreciate that you gave your advice over phone without any charges. I will definitely utilize your firm’s services if and when we move to Vancouver. Keep up the great work! Regards, Sameer
  • Dear Zool, G. and I really appreciate you talking such a thorough look at our paperwork. You really gave us peace of mind that everything is on the right track. In fact, we should have it sent on its way by Monday, which may be the happiest day of our lives! Thanks for everything! Sincerely, S. P.
  • Zool, I would like to thank you for your help in gaining criminal rehabilitation from Canadian Immigration. You and your firm acted in a professional and efficient manner. I believe your experience with these issues and relationships with immigration officials were important in resolving this matter. Again thank you for the fine work Zool. Sincerely, J. R. Z.
  • Suleman & Company were successful in winning my overseas spousal sponsorship appeal. They were thorough and knowledgeable and their staff was very helpful. The Hearings and Appeals Officer was very laudatory about the work that Suleman and Company did. They got us the results that we needed. – C. C. To
  • Dear Zool, I wanted to write to express my thanks to you and your company for assisting in my receiving permanent resident status. You and your staff made what was a daunting and somewhat terrifying experience as pleasant as is possible. Your competence and confidence eased my state of mind greatly. If you should need ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to use this letter or to call me directly at (604)xxx-xxxx. I thank you again for all your work and wish you all the success for the future. All the best from an extremely grateful and happy client, Kate P.