Zool Suleman has been generous and gracious with his clear advice. He explains our options in plain, direct language, and he's candid. - D.J.

Refugee Hearings (IRB)

Refugee claims are complex and time consuming.

Our law firm has provided refugee services since it was founded in 1992. Vancouver Immigration Lawyer, Zool Suleman, can assist you with: (1) filing your refugee claim, (2) preparing your documents, (3) preparing you to give evidence at your Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Refugee Protection Division (IRB-RPD) hearing, and (4) assisting you with your claim after a final decision is made.

If you claim is denied we can work you with to explore appeal options to the Refugee Appeal  Division (RAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB), or humanitarian and compassionate applications, and more.

Please note: we DO NOT accept government "legal aid" certificates (at this time) and prefer to provide our free, "pro bono" services to refugees through other options (via advice to refugee serving agencies and refugee service providers, for example).


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